The Dog Days of Summer 2018


Last summer was very different than the summer before, which was my first summer ever, as I wasn't even a year old yet. I was born September 21, 2016 and I only had a few weeks to play in the green stuff you humans call grass. It was quickly covered up with this wet cold fully stuff. I actually loved it, but it's cold and I don't have a very thick coat to keep me warm.

Summer, on the other hand, is so much fun! Mom gets out of bed WAY earlier and we go for walks before it becomes too warm. Ok, so dogs like me, we prefer it warm but we don't do so well when it's REALLY HOT. Mom knows this because of Fayston, her first dog like me. Fayston was much older when I came and hated the heat. However, she LOVED to swim. She was a very good swimmer despite being 13 years older than me. 

Mom says we are going to share more stories from when I was a puppy, so it's ok if I just want to share with you today some of my favorite stories from last summer. Last year was really special because we visited so many places, but as I hinted in my last post, Utah was my favorite! 


We explored a lot of Utah, but my favorite place is Park City! I'm pretty certain this is doggy heaven! The picture to the left is from my very first hike with mom and every time we came back, I had this exact same goofy puppy face! The trails all around this place really are dog friendly!


The only thing you really have to be careful of while running around is the sagebrush can scratch you and sometimes you can run into herds of wild Elk! Yes! ELK! We'd see clues of their being there too, but one time I ran RIGHT into a heard of them and was so scared. I stood V E R Y still while mom reassured me in a very quiet voice it was ok. 

Mom says there were about 15-20 of them. All I remember was, they kinda looked like me but SUPER sized!  They stood very still too! A little nervous to move, finally returned to mom's side and we went back the way we came. We heard them run off into the opposite direction and never came that close to them again!

While mom thought it was pretty neat, I, on the other hand, prefer making friends with things my own size! Now, I DO really enjoy chasing their scent around, sniffing out all their spots where they sleep at night. Promise I do NOT eat their poo!

Now, Mom tells me you may be interested in when the best time to visit Utah may be. I'm actually going to say it's NOT summer! But only because we don't care much for traffic and busy hiking trails. Also, the dog park is SO busy, the other dogs become a little less friendly. Actually, mom becomes a bit cranky too! It can also become quite hot during the day.

With that said, I do have really fond summer memories in Utah, though all because mom is an early bird and rallies me out of bed to go for long hikes in mountains that surround Park City. Did you know, there are over 400 MILES of hiking trails all around Park City?!?


One of the places we visited during the summer was called Stansbury Island, just west of Salt Lake City and surrounded by The Great Salt Lake. We only camped here for one night, but it was perfect! Ok, almost perfect. Because of the salty water, I was not allowed to play in it too much and most definitely was NOT allowed to taste it (mom used her stern voice!)

However, it was a cool place to hike and explore! There were large boulders to climb, soft sand to jump around in, and a lot of birds to point at! We camped RIGHT on the beach and it was free! That sure made mom happy! I appreciated how mom felt it was safe for me to explore while she took pictures of me and the beautiful landscapes.

The best time to visit this island is in late spring and early summer, or early fall. The bugs we learned from locals can be unbearable come summer. It can also become quite warm with no relief from the sun. Bring lots of water!


Suppose why mom and I loved all our trips around Utah was because it felt safe and friendly. We've been to a great many places and every time we returned to Utah it felt like home because of the people and dogs we met. It also helps there are few creatures that want to east us!!! That was a real fear of mom's in places like Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

Utah is a neat place with a lot to do if you are into being outside.Some of what we did not get to do last year, but mom PROMISES we'll do next year include paddle boarding, mountain biking, and she seems to think I'll let her learn how to fly fish (I don't see how that one is fun for me!)

Photography by Jennifer Langille