Pet Photography Tip 101


Mom and I are going to create a little video series this summer about how she photographs me, but we don't want you to wait that long! Here's a quick tip for taking action shots of your own with your cell phone. It's an easy one!

Most of my puppy pals do not have the training I have, but this trick will help you no matter!

Firsthave your camera app in an easy to tap on location. 90% of the time your pup is not going to give you much warning when they are going to do something awesome and adorable. 

Secondkeep your pup in the CENTER of the frame and tap on them the MOMENT then are there to help the little camera in the phone focus quickly.

Third, if your pup is moving, press and HOLD the shutter button and let that camera collect a BUNCH of frames. If you just tap once, you will MISS the perfect action moment. If you let the little camera take a sequence, you are almost guaranteed 2-3 incredible pictures. What mom does - she selects the best and deletes all the bad ones to save room on her phone.

One of the video workshops we are designing will be specific to phone photography! Will update you when those become available. Also, PLEASE share your own pictures #createwithmonty!