New Rugs or a New Puppy | 002

The first rug I peed on!

The first rug I peed on!

The decision to adopt another Vizsla into the family was not taken lightly. I know most of this story because I’m a very good listener! It’s one of my best traits, of course, sometimes I pretend NOT to be listening! Mom calls it “selective hearing.”

After I came into Jennifer’s  life, she had a lot of visitors. Not sure if she did before me too, but humans LOVE puppies! They brought mom all sorts of gifts, a lot of red liquid in a bottle, and toys for me. While curled up next to one of our guests, pretending to sleep so I could stay in that cozy warm spot, they asked mom how she knew it was time to get another Vizsla.

I learned to play dead on my first day, this ensured I would not be attacked by  Oreo , my new human grandparents’ kitty.

I learned to play dead on my first day, this ensured I would not be attacked by Oreo, my new human grandparents’ kitty.

How could I not want to listen in? Had Fayston a voice, it would have been a hard NO on getting a puppy! This was clear the FIRST day, when she growled every time I crawled into mom’s lap. Those early days were not easy! The new humans in my life were great, however, between Fayston, and I haven’t even told you about Oreo the cat, it was clear to me - I was not welcomed.

My human had a very busy photography business and with Fayston being an older pup, they had to make accommodations. She could no longer go on long hikes, couldn’t be left for long periods of time, and was having a hard time hearing. Learning about this makes me want to be a puppy forever!

While listening to their conversation, discovered mom always wanted two Vizslas. She had been trying to adopt what humans call a “rescue dog.” From what I could understand, this was an older pup who needed to find a new home. Turns out, humans who love dogs like Fayston and me are very passionate and it’s quite difficult to rescue one. This is a good thing! I wish it were the case for ALL dogs.

Apparently, one day, someone who’s opinion she valued shared their reasoning on why it had become the perfect time for Jennifer to get a puppy. They explained how the older dog helps teach the younger dog, so when the time comes that the older dog goes to heaven, they leave behind all they learned to the younger dog. When the younger pup becomes older, if their human adopts another, they too will pass on all they know.

Fayston teaching me tug-of-war, my favorite game!

Fayston teaching me tug-of-war, my favorite game!

That makes sense to me now. Back then, I really didn’t see it the same way. Nothing was mine, everything was hers - especially mommy! There were a few things she didn’t seem to mind doing with me, which included playing with a ball and tugging on a rope. She always let me have a chance with the ball and she showed me how to play tug-of-war really well!

This next bit to the story is kinda funny. Mom had been saving money to buy all new rugs for our home before this friend of hers shared their opinion on a second dog. I had no clue what a rug was! Then one day, I peed on one and now I understand why mom would not want to have new ones with me around. Turns out rugs cost a lot of money and instead of using the money to buy those rugs, she used it to afford me!

I’d say that was money well spent! At least till winter set in and then I understood why she wanted to have something down on the floor, it’s COLD! Thankfully Fayston would let me snuggle with her from time to time. I see that too was a lesson. Granted, it was one about personal space. I’m still learning!

We are a breed that was meant to snuggle all the time!

We are a breed that was meant to snuggle all the time!

Dogs like Fayston and I are a bit of responsibility! While it was hard those early days trying to understand all she and mom were trying to teach me, grateful Fayston was there. She was easy to understand while figuring out what mom was trying to teach me didn’t always go well. I’d find myself just sitting and looking up at her, trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing.

I still do so to this day, though I’m much better at understanding her words and behavior. One thing I know for certain is, she misses Fayston and think she misses the days when it was the three of us. So while Fay was NOT very nice to me, if mom brings home any other dog I’m going to love them and teach them everything I know - with less growling!

It’s a big decision, to have more than one dog, and if you are trying to make that decision, here’s a small bit of advice from me to you.

Does your pup enjoy having playdates with other dogs at your home while your human is there?  If not, they may not be up for sharing their home (or their human!) If they do, which I do, then bringing home another dog may work out well!

My mom knows I don’t like to be an only pup and while I do enjoy having mom all to myself, to be really honest, I will be very excited if she decides to bring home a little sister or brother for me. That will be a good day!


Photography by Jennifer Langille