My Favorite State in America


If you live on the East Coast, much of what we know of Utah is based on its incredibly powdery snow, a skier and snowboarder's dream destination! It's also known for its breath-taking landscapes that fuel the imagination of what time must have been like when dinosaurs walked the earth. I would like to add it was the most DOG-FRIENDLY state we visited!


Driving into Utah was pretty neat and on our first trip we stayed outside a town called Moab. A very busy place because it's tucked between TWO of Utah's prime National Parks: Arches and Canyonlands National Park. Dogs are allowed at Canyonlands, but NOT at Arches.

There are a lot of free and beautiful places to camp in this area, which is really nice! Instead of looking out from my bed to other campers, all I saw were these beautiful pink and red mountains. NOTHING like what we have back home in Vermont! I was a bit confused by the lack of trees, or how it's possible for any plants to grown.

In fact, the plant life in these regions of the country is very special! Mom would not let me step or pee on any of it. Though I enjoyed sniffing around and mom kept a close eye on, making sure I was not sniffing a cactus!

We camped in an area outside Dead Horse Point State Park, not far from the Colorado River. Through much of Utah are regions of land managed by the Bureau of Land Management, otherwise called, BLM Land. As a member, we will share our favorite BLM campsite, so you too may enjoy opportunities like this!


We have a lot of nifty information to share from our travels around the state of Utah! Because of my needs as a pup, our travel experiences are a bit different than most who visit from out-of-state. Of course drove into Utah, while most fly, which is an incredible road trip that's worth hours of playing eye-spy! There is A LOT of cool stuff to spy!

By the end of our travels for 2018 mom and I came in and out of Utah from every point and while visiting the area of Moab was really special, it is not our most favorite place, though we will go back during the slow season. In fact, we hope to provide out members alternative ideas when planning their own adventures to places like Moab, Utah.

We learned a great deal by not knowing, however, we also had the gift of flexibility in our plans. Not everyone who is traveling can do that! Therefore, count on mom and me to be there for YOU if you are planning a trip to Utah. I want you to love this state as much as me!


Photography by Jennifer Langille