Before Me There Was Fayston | 001

Before I came along, there was a pup named Fayston, and she had a fancy bed with her name on it! I never had a monogrammed bed?!?

Before I came along, there was a pup named Fayston, and she had a fancy bed with her name on it! I never had a monogrammed bed?!?

Please allow me the pleasure of properly introducing myself. They call me Monty for short, however, my full registered AKC name is Brookview’s Long Trail Legend, call name Montgomery.  

I know, it’s right up there with the name of a fictional female character who rides a dragon in a famous TV series my mom use to watch. Something about a game and thrones, all I know is my name is NOT as long as her’s, but can see why they shortened it to Dany! Just like they call me Monty! Much easier to remember!

Jennifer (though she prefers to go by Jenn), my human, named me after a town in Vermont where the Long Trail passes through. Vermont is actually where she met her first Vizsla! She fell in love with the breed immediately, which is pretty awesome, since had she hated the experience, no Mondays with ME!

One could say, that is where my story begins, nearly fifteen years ago at a Farmer’s Market in Waitsfield, Vermont. She desperately wanted a dog of her own and her boyfriend at the time was otherwise dead set against it! He had all sorts of excuses till he too met this mystery Vizsla and its mountain biking parents.

BINGO! Mom knew her partner wanted a dog who could go mountain biking and hiking, so she took this as a hopeful green light on the matter and began researching the breed. Despite her convincing arguments backed by evidence from others who have welcomed Vizslas into their families, he was not having it.

The truth was, he really didn’t want the responsibility of a dog, while mom really wanted the loving companionship of a dog. I’m just a two and a half year old pup and I can see what’s going on here! I mean, no offense to the humans out there, but you all complicate matters! Sure, I do a few things which upset her, daily, but showing love and affection is SO easy and always makes her happy.

My mom, back then, she was not a happy human. I’m pretty grateful I was not around for that! I only know her as happy, ok, she has her days like every living creature! Thankfully she persevered, and did connect with a breeder despite her boyfriend’s lack of support, went for it anyways. Yahoo! Though my favorite part of the story is when the puppies were born and she kinda had to tell him about her secret.

You see, until the puppies where born, you just don’t know. She knew at the time she wanted a girl, female Vizslas are way more secure and confident, us boys, well I have to be honest, we are not! I cry for mom even when she leaves me for all of five minutes. Just can't help myself! Anyways, until the puppies are born, the breeder doesn’t know if there will be any girls available.

There was! Now, Jenn was looking for a companion dog and much of the time, Vizslas from parents who have won a lot of awards for the work they do, go to human homes where they will have a job. Vizslas are actually a very hard working breed! We LOVE to have a job, or a role in the family. Though every litter of puppies usually has a few which don’t quite meet that criteria and there was one female puppy who at the time, did not.

Now, I’m not sure mom would be too pleased if I share the colorful details of the moment when she had to tell her partner they were getting a puppy. It was NOT pretty but he did thankfully come around. The litter was born around Thanksgiving and would be ready that following February. They were born in Buffalo, New York and at the time, they lived in Connecticut.

Mom’s human family actually lived in Central New York, so they planned a quick stopover the night before fetching the new addition. When she tells me about the moment, it does remind me of the day she came to pick me up. It’s really exciting and kinda scary too! I mean, from our standpoint we have NO idea what is going on! One moment we are surrounded by our brothers and sisters, when some never before seen human comes in, scoops us up, snuggles us a little too hard, and then TAKES US AWAY!

Fayston at twelve weeks old and being a good puppy on the drive to her new home in Connecticut. I was NOT this well behaved!

Fayston at twelve weeks old and being a good puppy on the drive to her new home in Connecticut. I was NOT this well behaved!

Frankly, it’s kind of awful! However, the humans are so HAPPY! This is where our sisters come out on top, being way more into going home with their new humans.

Mom’s first Vizsla was named Fayston. Her AKC name was Avalon’s Long Trail Legend, call name Fayston, and Fay for short. Fayston is also a town in Vermont where the Long Trail passes through.

According to mom, Fayston was calm and cool from the moment they met, and for the entire ten hour drive back home to Connecticut. Wait till I tell you about our drive “home.” Again, my perspective of this exchange was more like a worse case scenario!

I am relieved to know Fayston was not a perfect puppy, she actually destroyed stuff at my age.  Being she’s left me saw big paw prints to fill, brings me some solace to know I’m nothing like her, so mom has to love me from a fresh place in her heart. Though I know she misses her. Mom had to say goodbye to Fayston on her birthday back in 2017. It’s the saddest I’ve ever seen her, to this day even.

So you see, my story began a long time ago. Jenn had to have a first Vizsla before she could ever imagine having a second one, let alone a male. We are a lot more work! That much I can confirm. I’m pretty lucky she was able to spend so much time with me as she did that first year.

I’m also fortunate my time overlapped with Fayston’s life. Fay was actually pretty hard on me, but before she left us, she made sure I knew a lot of stuff mom couldn’t teach me on her own. I’d say the most important was how to be a good boy. I’m proud to say mom tells me I was way easier than Fayston at my age! I know it’s because Fay was a stern teacher.

They say the best way to share a good story is to start at the beginning. While it may seem the beginning would be as simple as mom meeting my FIRST mom, even that would never have happened, if not for her being at the Farmer’s Market one beautiful weekend in Vermont - over a decade ago.

Each week I’ll write another chapter to this digital book about my life. ~ Monty