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An INFORMATIONAL website with a fresh perspective.

MONDAYS WITH MONTY will be the best day of the week, if Monty has anything to say about it! Every week, join Monty as he learns something new, travels to interesting places, goes on adventures with his friends, and creates memories through photography and coloring.



Receive in-depth scoop on WHY Mondays with Monty will become your favorite day of the week! We are PAW-sitively certain of it!



Monty’s mission

To inspire people to be curious, adventurous, and creative.

About Monty

Monty is a Male Hungarian Hunting Dog “Vizsla”

Born September 21, 2016 in Erie, Pennsylvania, and registered with the AKC as Brookview’s Long Trail Legend. Monty has lived up to his ancestral roots of being a loyal, affectionate, gentle, and energetic working dog. In his two and half years of time, he has traveled over 20,000 miles around America, learning, traveling, adventuring, and creating with his human, Jennifer Langille.


Interesting and fun with beautiful photos of a Vizsla who is a brother to my sweet V!! Go, Monty!
— KATHY via Facebook
Monty is adorable, I love seeing the great photos of him.
— Jim via facebook




An informative website from the curious perspective of one of the most beloved creatures on the planet, a dog.

Not just ANY dog, but a VIZSLA!

MONDAYS WITH MONTY was created by his human “mom,” photographer and writer Jennifer Langille. Together they have traveled some 30,000 + miles and collected incredible experiences along the way. Recognizing not everyone has the opportunity to see as much as Monty, she created this website with her #1 travel companion.

Together, Monty and Jennifer will share their collective experience with you with a twist - through Monty’s perspective! They will share what they have learned from living on the road for nearly a year, offer advice and guidance to support your own adventures, provide antidotal stories from their journeys, and lastly - be your personal guide to documenting your own story.

Monty is an incredible teacher, curious guide, and inspiring creature! We hope you’ll join his pack!




Gain access to all Monty’s (and his human’s) knowledge and experience to entertain and inspire.

MONDAYS WITH MONTY is a member-supported website that will provide members with information, resources and creative activities suitable for ages 3 and up.

Why member-supported?

  • This allows us to create an ADVERTISEMENT FREE experience. No pop-up ads and no distracting visuals!

  • To build a community (pack) of like-minded individuals whom we can cater our content to.

What can members expect?

  • Every week Monty (with help from his human Jennifer) will publish content and materials covering topics on:

    • Natural history and the environment (LEARN / #learnwithmonty)

    • Trip reports and travel advice (TRAVEL / #travelwithmonty)

    • Entertaining stories and ideas for spending more time outside exploring (ADVENTURE / #adventurewithmonty)

    • Tapping into your inner artist (CREATE / #createwithmonty)


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