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Monty’s mission

To inspire learning, travel, adventure, and creativity.

Monty is a Male Hungarian Hunting Dog “Vizsla”

Born September 21, 2016 in Erie, Pennsylvania, and registered with the AKC as Brookview’s Long Trail Legend. Monty has lived up to his ancestral roots of being a loyal, affectionate, gentle, and energetic working dog. In his two and half years of time, he has traveled over 40,000 miles (if we count from the day he was adopted to currently) around America, learning, traveling, adventuring, and creating with his human, Jennifer Langille.




Told from the curious perspective of one of the most beloved creatures on the planet, a dog.

Not just ANY dog, but the VERSATILE VIZSLA!


Photography by C.T. Bell

Photography by C.T. Bell


The story of a pup, his human, and their travelS.

Hello! My name is Jennifer Langille and I am the creator of Mondays With Monty. I also have the honor of being Monty’s human mom!

Mondays with Monty, better known as #mondayswithmonty was inspired by fellow dog-loving friends and family who enjoyed social media posts about life with Monty during his formidable puppy days. After all, Mondays are always better with pictures of puppies!

Long story short, a small idea became a big idea. 

The BIG idea evolved into a website that is told through the perspective of Monty.

Not a new idea, there are 100s of wonderful blogs out there with candid tales told by dog-loving humans through the prism of their four-legged best friend. From travel guides to gear reviews, with plenty of pet photography mixed in. 

Travel and pet photography absolutely led to the original idea of acting on the suggestions of  friends and family. Though after reading all 100 amazing pet blogs and testing out ideas on those same friends - believe we have our own fresh approach to sharing wonderful stories to inspire curiosity for learning, travel, adventure, and creativity - ALL from MONTY’S viewpoint.




Join Monty and he will take you along as he and his friends learn, travel, adventure, and create stuff!

MONDAYS WITH MONTY is a membership website providing members (MONTY’S PAW 🐾 SQUAD) information and resources to help them find time for learning, travel, adventure, and creating. All programs and activities are suitable for ages 3 and up, as well as dog-friendly!


For a unique and special experience, join Monty’s PAW 🐾 SQUAD. A one-time only fee that grants exclusive access to all Monty and his human Jennifer have to offer - for the LIFE of Monday’s With Monty.


  • LIFETIME transferable membership

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  • 20% - off additional products and services (i.e. 2020 Calendars, Coloring Book(s), etc.)

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  • Video tutorials, guides, and helpful materials